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Diplom-Ingenieur Peter Davies-Garner was born in 1960 in Driffield (UK) as the second son of an RAF Airman. He grew up in Germany studying and working in architecture, but decided to go professional as a model-maker in April 2001. One of his first commissions was an impressive model of the RMS Titanic which was built for the Ship of Dreams Museum in Orlando, Florida. In 1/48th scale it was 18' long and took two and a half years to build.

Kaiser Wilhelm der Grosse
German Atlantic Ocean Liner 1897 1/100th Scale
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After the completion of his Titanic model, Peter approached the Deutsches Schiffahrtsmuseum in Bremerhaven asking them if they would be interested in purchasing a model of the Kaiser Wilhelm der Grosse. Peter says that from the start he knew that they would be as they have items of the real ship on display and also she was one of the most important ships in german maritime history: she was the first german winner of the legendary Blue Ribband; she was the first liner with a four-funnel-profile and she was built by a german yard for a german line - and the museum didn't have a model of her! However, it was not a commission. The museum reserved the right to refuse the model should it not reach their expectations. The model is now part of the permanent display of the museum.
RMS Titanic
British Atlantic Ocean Liner 1912
1/48th Scale
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Since his childhood Peter has been interested in the Titanic. Even as a schoolboy he said to himself "One day I'm going to build the worlds finest model of the Titanic!" And he did. While studying architecture he started drawing out his own plans of the liner which were to eventually be the last word in detail and accuracy. These plans are featured in Peter's book "RMS Titanic - A Modelmakers Manual".
In 2001 the British Titanic Society were approached by a representative of "Titanic - The Ship of Dreams" asking them if they knew a modelmaker that could build them a good quarter scale model of the Titanic. The British Titanic Society had copies of Peter's plans so they felt that he knew what he was talking about and they put his name forward. Peter was commissoned to build the model in September 2001 and it was handed over to it's proud owners in April 2004. 
Blue Giant
German Special Research Vessel 2008, 1/100th Scale
Click Image to enter Website Peter was recommended to the Lloyd Werft shipbuilders by the Schiffahrtsmuseum and was asked to submit tenders for dockyard models. In October 2008 he completed three models of the Special Research Vessel "Blue Giant" for the Lloyd Werft in Bremerhaven. Built in the style of a builders' model these featured silver railings and fittings. These were models nos. 4, 5 and 6 he built for the Lloyd Werft.
German Atlantic Ocean Liner 1881, 1/100th Scale
Click Image to enter Webseite The tragic Elbe has always been one of Peter's favorite liners as he has an avid interest in ships of the "Flüsse-Klasse" the river class. In 2006 he finally persuaded the museum management that the model they already had of her was in dire need of a fundamental rework. The model was stripped down to the hull and above the main deck was completely rebuilt and re-rigged using original plans supplied by the museum.
Bremen V
German Atlantic Ocean Liner 1939, 1/100th Scale
This model was built for the "Global Player" exhibition celebrating 150 years "Norddeutscher Lloyd". This model is also part of the permanent exhibition of the Schiffahrtsmuseum in Bremerhaven.
Hanse Kogge
Ein paar technische Angaben zum Model, 1/50th Scale
Click Image to enter Website Peter's first commission to build a model ship, for a private museum in northern Germany. A month later he was commissioned to build the Titanic - to the same scale! 500 years of shipbuilding developement were visible when both models were placed next to each other.
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SS Brighton
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Over the past eight years Peter has written numerous magazine articles and has recently written his own first full length books on building ship models.
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